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A Little About FriendFone

FriendFone is a verified check-in system designed to provide users with additional safety, productivity, and improved health. Check out this video to learn a bit more about what we do!

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FriendFone For App Integration

FriendFone has the ability to provide an additional revenue stream for existing applications. By providing memberships to new and existing users, businesses can take a cut of the action, while providing an additional service that your users are sure to love.

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FriendFone For Care Providers

Looking to expand the Care provided to your patients after they leave your facility? Our software is able to provide your patients with round-the-clock Care through a check-in system. The best part, you’ll be a partner that provides your business with additional revenue.

Find Out How To Provide Additional Care

FriendFone For Communities

Improving safety in a community can be a challenge By partnering with FriendFone, we can provide safety features for community residents at a discounted rate. Our system helps reduce the number of 911 calls, missing persons cases, and active police calls, thus lowering expenses.

Add An Additional Level Of Safety To Your City

FriendFone For Employers

Creating value for employees is something that every employer tried to do. Show your Employees you Care about their well being and safety by partnering with us to offer discount memberships to employees and their families.

Provide Additional Benefits To Employees

FriendFone For Individual

Ensure your personal safety and well being while keeping your independence. Take the steps to a healthier, productive, and safer life.

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FriendFone For Realtors

Having a Career where you get to meet new people everyday can be a blessing and a curse. FriendFone is here to help realtors make it to appointments on time and to make sure they make it home safe after a day of showings.

Take The First Step To Protecting Your Realtors

FriendFone For RideShare

RideSharing is a great way to get to know your local community, however, it could be worrisome. Get an additional layer of protection with FriendFone. With the ability to have regular check-ins, FriendFone provides an extra layer of security while you’re on the road.

Gain Additional Safety While Ride Sharing

FriendFone For Education

Being able to make your school a more safe and productive environment is something that all schools strive for. FriendFone is able to provide all the resources needed to design a space where safety and productivity blossom.

Improve The Productivity & Safety Of Students

FriendFone For Travelers

Adventuring to new areas is a must for most. Make sure that you’ve got a friend wherever you go! FriendFone is able to check-in on your regardless of your location. Not only will we make sure you’re having a great time, we’ll make sure you’re still safe while doing so.

Begin Traveling Safer & Smarter

FriendFone For All

Our software is designed to ease day to day life for all users. We offer checks-ins and reminders that need to be verified so you’ll never miss an appointment,? forget a task, or skip your medication. With all these great features and much more, Sign Up today!

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Want To See Your Community, Hospital, Or School Use FriendFone?

If you’re interested in us working with your community, hospital, or school, fill out the form below and we can get the ball rolling on forming a partnership! Partnerships provide discounted access for individuals looking to use FriendFone, along with additional features and perks.

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