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A Little About FriendFone

FriendFone is a verified check-in system designed to provide users with additional safety, productivity, and improved health. Check out this video to learn a bit more about what we do!

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A Three Step Process


A text sent to the user to verify the pin


We call the user if pin is not verified withing five mintues


If the user fails to answer,our team esclates the ATN

A Leader In Safety

With the growth of the internet, communication and online relationships have blossomed. While the majority of relationships formed are of good nature, there has been an increase in cases related to cyber Stalking, Abductions, and Trafficking in the US. FriendFone has been created to help combate the spike in these cases. By offering real-time check-ins, FriendFone is able to ensure an additional level of safety! We provide direct alerts to emergency contacts, campus security, friends, or schools in the event where contact cannot be made. For as little as 10 cents per day, you can have peace of mind!

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If you’re interested in us working with your community, hospital, or school, fill out the form below and we can get the ball rolling on forming a partnership! Partnerships provide discounted access for individuals looking to use FriendFone, along with additional features and perks.

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